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There’s nothing quite like a hand knit item. The texture, look and feel of something quality made with love and attention in every stitch. Transforming fine fiber into a beautiful, functional piece that can be worn every day or for special occasions, and become an heirloom for generations. 

Considering the history of the craft, which has seen every walk of life throughout much of human history, it is an art with deep roots, and yet has a fresh modernity to it that parallels the finest of our day. 

The design of a knit item, as well as one sewn, brings to the experience even greater enjoyment, like that of completing an intricate puzzle. Upon its completion, the feeling of a great feat accomplished with satisfaction and pride, to which anyone who successfully creates may relate. 

While Heidi, the owner and founder of East Isles Knit & Design Co. began knitting and sewing less than a decade ago, her attention to detail, level of patience, and expectation of excellence brings exceptional quality. Her deep appreciation for classic, timeless style and the full spectrum of colors makes her work beautiful and distinct.

These skills and the enjoyment of honing them has happened largely in the beautiful East Isles neighborhood of her home where we were founded. Considered the top of her ‘happy places’ list, with the nature-surrounded walking paths of the stunning Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, Minnesota, it was the perfect inspiration and became our namesake.

We at East Isles Knit & Design Co. love creating beautiful, distinct, high-quality items that you and your loved ones can feel proud to wear and use. We enjoy both independent and co-creation and are available for commission of our own original designs or helping complete a project together with inspiration and ideas from you. We will update our shop regularly with new items and hope that you stay tuned. We look forward to connecting with you. 

Thank you for visiting East Isles Knit & Design Co. We hope you enjoy.

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